Besuch der Schulleitung des Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) from Charlotte NC, USA

Visit of the Dean of Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) from Charlotte NC, USA - 07.10.2013

The Management of the Piedmont College from Charlotte, NC visited the Carl-Benz-Schule Gaggenau on behalf of an invitation of the Chamber of Commerce (IHK) Karlsruhe to learn about the Dual System for Trainees here in Baden-Württemberg. Another objective of the visit was to see how the co-operation is organized between the employing companies of the trainees, the vocational college and the Chamber of Commerce.
The guided tour started in school and after discussing the general procedure of the competency-based teaching and a guided tour through our facilities, including the classrooms and the workshops. The group also went to see the Daimler plant Gaggenau where the training facilities were shown thanks to Mr Kohlbecker the Head of the Training Center.
It is obvious that this kind of vocational training is a well working educational system that has been developed over a long time, so that this culture is backed by the companies and provides them with skilled competent workers. The graduates are confident and know their way throughout the company as well as the products and the process chains.
Another positive aspect is seen in the various possibilities for advanced learning programs that can follow a first vocational training.
Since there has already been a long partnership between the CPCC and the Chamber of Commerce Karlsruhe (IHK) the idea was born to discuss possible joint projects between the institutions. CBS-Gaggenau is well known for its international partnership programs and therefore a possible strong partner for such an endeavour.
Everybody agreed upon staying in contact for future projects that might be possible between the vocational college of Charlotte, NC and CBS-Gaggenau.
The picture shows the visitors from CPCC Charlotte NC at Carl-Benz-Schule Gaggenau
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